Leadership Team

Here to ensure you and your pets have a healthy and happy life.

Tina Zambrana – President/CEO

Growing up in rural Texas, Tina’s love for all animals big and small was the catalyst for The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic.  As CEO of The Pet Stop she is responsible for all of the day-to-day management of the company, and for implementing The Pet Stop’s short and long term plans.  Tina determines the company’s vision and provides strategic direction for her company.  She continues to strive to create a culture of values and integrity for her organization and that those values are applied consistently from top to bottom, across all departments.  Tina is not only the founder and CEO of The Pet Stop, she is a wife and mother to Zachary, Hailey and Bucky, her 85lb lovable American Bulldog.

“I strive for growth both professionally and personally.  To own a business and face the constant ups and downs, you have to feel like you were born to do nothing else and that is exactly how I feel.  I have a business that provides jobs for my much loved staff, I provide a service needed and appreciated by the community and most importantly I am an example to my children of what you can do with your life with hard-work, perseverance, tenacity, drive and passion.” 

Steve Berlin – Vice President of Business Development

Steve Berlin is a pet industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience encompassing C-Level management and operations, finance, training, customer service and product development. From an early age, Steve had a huge interest in the aquarium and pet hobbies as he was virtually born into the pet industry having family who owned pet related businesses. At The Pet Stop, Steve is responsible for the development of the business, nurturing partner relationships, and continues to streamline the efficiency of the overall operation towards growth and expansion.  Steve lives in Parkland, FL with his wife Sydney, and kids Mason and Ayden, along with their 4-legged child Emma, a Cavalier King Charles.

“The Pet Stop continues to disrupt the veterinary industry by finding innovative ways to deliver vaccines and wellness services to animals. Vaccines are the most cost-effective health care interventions available today.  A dollar spent on a vaccination not only helps save a life but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare for your pets”.

Michelle Cenal-Figueroa – Chief Operating Officer

Born and raised in South Florida to Cuban immigrants, Michelle Cenal grew up with a great love for animals. The Pet Stop has fueled her passion for helping animals.  After working as Tina’s right hand since inception, Michelle was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2015.  Michelle and her administrative team run The Pet Stop’s day-to-day operations with a primary focus on pet parent experience and long, happy lives for their pets.  Michelle lives in Miami with her husband Leo and beautiful rescue dog Piper.

“My goal is to make our employees feel valued and respected which inspires them to perform at their best, resulting in carrying out our company’s Mission Statement:  To provide and promote long, healthy lives for animals through veterinary services, education, medicine, passion and love for pets”.