August 18th has been a day dedicated to helping all the adorable furry babies in shelters find a forever loving home since 2015.

This day gives a chance for people all around the world to help. If you’re looking to add a new bundle of joy to your family, check out a local shelter. Shelters are filled with amazing dogs and cats that want to be a part of your life. Not only would you be saving one of these adorable fur balls, it’s also the more cost-effective way of getting yourself your very of Fido. All of this pups and kittens have their very own special personalities for you to fall in love with!

If you are unsure of where there might be a shelter near you, visit the link below.

Clear The Shelters has been working with shelters all throughout the U.S be a part of this wonderful day. Even if you’re not ready to bring in a new furry friend into your life, you can still lend a helping hand by volunteering at one of your local shelters.

Now is your chance to help make a difference! So make sure you save the date and go give man and woman’s best friend a chance for a happy life!


– The Pet Stop Team