‘Tis the season for open tail gates, grills, good company and a great sport. Even your dog is excited for the great smell of hotdogs and burgers, belly rubs and being able to chew on that old pig skin. Nothing beats being able to sit back and relax with your furry best friend and enjoy your favorite team play with your favorite mascot by your side to keep you company and eat all the scraps you can’t finish.

Whether your team wins or loses you’ll always have a dog that’s as loyal to you as you are to your favorite team. After the game you can even relive the best play of the game by playing some catch with your best bud. Just picture it, in your back yard, dog by your side yelling “blue 82, blue 82! Hike!” and then your furry bud runs full speed for your awesome spiral! Now that’s the prefect football season.

This just goes to show how much better our lives are with a dog by our side.

Check back with us soon!