The month of April is known as Heartworm Prevention Month. As we near the end of the month, it is important to know and understand that the prevention and education of Heartworm disease does not end here. Now is the time, to make sure your precious pet has the correct prevention they need.

Heartworm disease begins when your pet is bitten by an infected mosquito. The infected mosquito releases tiny worms called microfilariae into the bloodstream which then makes its way into the heart. This process takes about 6 months after the day your pet is bitten by the infected mosquito. We offer a simple blood test that detects microfilariae in a dog’s bloodstream. Microfilariae in the bloodstream indicate that the dog is infected with adult heartworms (because only adult heartworms can mate and produce microfilariae). Visit the link below to learn more about Heartworm disease, testing and prevention.

Prevention is the best form of treatment!

The best way to ensure your furry loved one stays Heartworm free is by keeping them on Heartworm Prevention for life. The Pet Stop offers a variety of prevention that can help protect your pet against Heartworm disease:

  • HeartGard Plus
  • Tri-Heart Plus
  • Trifexis
  • Sentinel Spectrum
  • Revolution (cats)

We offer these preventatives at an affordable price! If you aren’t sure on which prevention is best for your furry pal, just give our office a call – 877-704-3893. To order your pets prevention you can visit our website or call our office.