Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new website. We are still getting out some kinks so bear with us. Don’t forget to send us your pet photos and a quick caption to photos@petstopclinic.com. Make sure you tune in on Monday May 9th to enter in our FB/Instagram contest #PETSTOPSUMMER. Can’t wait to see all of the submissions. I’ll post the winner on next months blog. The contest runs until June 9th so make sure you send us all of your favorite summer time pics of your furry family members.  And no, I don’t mean hairy husbands!! 🙂

We’ve got some good news to share but you’ll have to wait until next month… I know, I know…that’s not fair! I promise it will be worth it. That’s it for now. Call us, email us, come see us at a clinic. We love to hear from you all.

Peace, Love and Wagging Tails,