On March 8th we watched as millions and million of women celebrated being… well, a woman! International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality.

Here at The Pet Stop every day is Women’s Day. I am honored to lead the many women (and men) who work beside me to bring quality, convenient and affordable veterinary care to our communities all over Florida. Since women are the topic here let me list all of my ladies for you…

Michelle C.
Sofie P.
Cristy A.
Danielle H.
Angie G.
Maria M.
Laura M.
Lailany M.
Raiza S.
Emily C.
Isabel V.
Dailys G.
Mona J.
Yessy L.
Jessica C.
Rebecca M.
Desirae V.
Dr. Ana
Dr. Massiel
Dr. Olga
Dr. Vilma
Dr. Maritza
Dr. Hilda
Dr. Jenn
Dr. Thais
Dr. Christa

And more to come…
As a woman leader it’s an honor to stand with these ladies every day to build The Pet Stops future for ourselves, our families, our children, our community and to give the very best care, filled with compassion and heart, to all the dogs and cats we touch.

Till next time,