The biggest summer hazard is heat! It is easy to ask a person if they are thirsty, but your pet, now that’s a different story.  Staying hydrated is crucial during the summertime heat. We want to make sure your furry friends are safe during these hot months which is why we have put together some tips to keep your canines and felines feeling great this summer.

Dog Hydration

For a dog, the best part about summer is having time outdoors. Whether it is the beach, dog park, or a back yard BBQ, it can still get very hot! How does your pet have a fun yet safe time outside?

Overheating – Unlike humans, dogs don’t have sweat glands. They pant to cool down, but can still overheat and have heat stroke if they’re out too long on hot days. Dogs with flat faces, like pugs, boxers and bulldogs are especially vulnerable, because they can’t pant very well. Make sure your dog isn’t overdoing it outdoors, has shade and water, and is never left alone in a car, even with the windows down.

Sunburn – Despite their fur, dogs can get a sunburn! Protect your dog’s belly, ears, nose and back with sunscreen if he will be out in the sun for a while, especially if he has white or short fur. If you groom your dog, try not to cut his coat too short. It’s another layer of protection.

Water time – While your dog might enjoy swimming or going boating with the family, keep a watchful eye on him when he’s entering or exiting the pool, boat or ocean. Those are the moments when he’s most vulnerable. Also, never force your dog to swim and if he’s a frequent boating buddy, get him a lifejacket.

Cat Hydration

Keeping your cat hydrated is important, especially during the hot summer months. Their water intake depends on their weight and diet. Felines should be drinking two to four ounces of water a day.

Sparkling Clean H2O – Refresh your cat’s water every day. Water that sits for a few days can get stale or contaminated.

Water Bowl Protocol – Wash their food bowl often and rinse all traces of dish soap, which can burn their tongue.

If you need any more tips of information about how to keep your pets safe, happy, and hydrated this summer just give us a call!