June is National Pet Preparedness Month!

The month of June offers the important reminder of checking your family’s emergency plans and ensuring you’ve incorporated a plan for your furry family members as well.

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and can take many different forms like flooding, violent storms, earthquakes or wildfires. Pet owners should create a pet-friendly emergency plan!

Here are some tips to help prepare you and your pets for a disaster:

  1. Know the Possibilities. Learn about the different types of natural and man-made disasters that can occur in your area and how to effectively plan for them.
  2. Get Prepared. Some disasters need different courses of action compared to others. The sooner you create a disaster plan, the more time you have to prepare.
  3. Identification. Ensure that your pet wears correct identification at all times. This includes name, rabies tag and your cell phone number. Microchipping is also helpful in case of a lost pet.
  4. Keep Records Handy. Set up a file for each pet that contains health history, vaccination dates, and a recent photo. Keep the file in a dry, safe and secure place. We also suggest you take pictures of your pet records to keep handy on your phone.
  5. Animal-Friendly Places. If a disaster creates the need for evacuation, the best thing you can do to protect your pets is to evacuate them as well. Learn where your pet can be taken in case of an emergency.  GoPetFriendly.com supplies us with some pet-friendly options for you and your family. In case of evacuation, be sure to take some of your pet’s toys or blankets so that they can feel more comfortable and calm.
  6. Get Emergency Supplies. Make sure to have extra leashes, bowls, trash bags, cat litter, and at least a seven-day supply of pet food and water. It is also important to create a pet first aid kit. Keep a supply of any medication your pet may need like Heartgard or even allergy medication.
  7. Have a Carrier? Buy a pet carrier for your pet. Carriers should be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  8. Communicate. Make sure that the other people you rely on for your pet’s care know about your plan in case you are away from home when a disaster strikes.

Now is the time to prepare! Summer brings on unpredictable weather. If you need more tips or have any questions on how to plan, give us a call at 877-704-3893.

– The Pet Stop Team