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Aggressive animals must be muzzled and pet must have a current rabies vaccine to receive services.
More than 2 pets please call the office.
More than 2 pets please call the office
More than 2 pets please call the office
Price: $ 5.99
The client with whom this agreement is made has purchased from The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic the services listed below and agrees to pay The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic the membership fee and the annual and/or monthly installments provided above for the full term of this agreement, including any renewal. Client may purchase another and/or same package of services for the next year with no membership fee. The following services are to be provided to the pet in which is named in this agreement as directed by The Pet Stop Mobile Clinics veterinarian as the veterinarian deems acceptable standard of care: and / or Unlimited monthly nail trim, Unlimited dental rinse Unlimited anal gland expressions Unlmited ear cleaning at The Pet Stop Mobile Clinics mobile locations at participating retail partners and free shipping on purchases made at The Pet Stops online store.

1. This agreement is not transferable or assignable and applies only to the pet designated above while owned by the client. Client may obtain care for pet under this agreement only at The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic at participating retail locations, Excludes Pet Supplies Plus and home visits. Either The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic or Client may cancel this agreement at any time. If client cancels for any reason The Pet Stop Mobile clinic shall be entitled to retain the installment for the month in which the cancellation occurs. If Client has paid the full annual fee in advance, upon cancellation by Client, The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic will refund the monthly installments for the remaining months after the month in which cancellation occurs. If Client performs all his or her obligations and The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic cancels the agreement, all monthly or annual fees client has paid for the current term year will be refunded in full, less The Pet Stop Mobile Clinics full retail charges for any services rendered before cancellation. In no cases will any amount paid by client be refunded upon cancellation.

2. Client understands and agrees that no additional incentives will be offered when rendering the services in this agreement, including but not limited to gift cards, discounts, bundle packages, rebates or other forms of financial gain will be included whatsoever when redeeming services.

3. This agreement will be effective for the period stated above and will be automatically renewed for subsequent periods of one year unless and until client or The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic terminates this agreement as of the end of any term year by written notice to the other party given no less than 30 days prior to the automatic renewal date. Cancellation can be sent via email or phone at 877-704-3893

4. The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic reserves the right to adjust monthly fees and services at any anniversary date or to cease at any time to provide the program. Client will be notified of any adjustments 30 days in advance via email.

5. Installment payments will be billed directly to your credit card. Client is responsible for notifying The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic of any changes in account setups for billing. In the event the Client fails to pay any installment within 30 days of its due date, The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic may immediately terminate this agreement and declare all fees and remaining monthly installments for the then current term year to be immediately due and payable.

6. If any cancellation of this agreement for any reason results in monies due to either Client or The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic such monies will be paid in full within 30 days of cancellation."
"I hereby authorize The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic to charge the above referenced credit card account automatically each and every 1 (one) month(s) and apply said charge toward the payment of the charges I owe The Pet Stop Mobile Clinic. I understand that I will remain responsible for recurring charges and additional late fees should my credit card be canceled or otherwise made unavailable for payment. I further understand that I will remain responsible for recurring charges, additional late fees, and other applicable charges if the credit card account becomes unavailable."
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