As we get closer to the most magical and festive day of the year, your pets also start to feel the holiday cheer. Christmas is what your furry family members look forward to all year! Aside from everyone beginning to feel merry and bright, dogs and cats have a lot more on their mind and here is why.

During this time of year, some places may experience snow. For many dog breeds this is paradise and they can’t wait to jump right in, so make sure you let them roll around in that fluffy white snow and then come back in for some warm cuddles with you.

Here is something your feline friends can’t wait to jump into… Boxes! There is nothing more cats love than a warm and cozy box. Forget the fancy toys or laser light, all these fuzz balls want are your leftover gift boxes and a nice nap.

The most important thing your furry family members look forward to is some quality family time and attention. They love seeing you just as much as you love seeing them. Remember to make sure they feel just as much a part of the family festivities as you do. Go ahead and wrap up some presents for them to tear open and they’ll be sure to thank you later with slobbery kisses or soft purrs. Just make sure they don’t get into any of the Christmas tree decorations or harmful food!

Visit the link below for some festive pups all dressed up for the holidays.


-Happy Holiday, Tina.