Let me just start by saying, we did it! After years of hard work and dedication The Pet Stop is expanding once again. Not only do we host clinics all over Florida but starting November 11th we will begin hosting clinics in the beautiful peach state, Georgia. We plan to keep growing and ensuring that people in Florida and now out of Florida are able to get affordable and convenient veterinary care for their furry loved ones.

Now is the time to spread the word, tell any family or friends in Georgia that we are coming to help them the way we helped you. We care about you all and your furry babies which is what drives us to continue working hard and efficiently at what we do.

If you and your furry friend need something to do while in Atlanta, check out the link below for some fun dog friendly activities!


On a final note, make sure you keep up with all our social media pages this coming weekend! We will be posting all sorts of fun pictures and videos from our Gerogia launch! And remember you can visit www.petstopclinic.com to find a clinic near you.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry pals at our clinics this weekend,