Question-Does my pet have to be restrained to be seen by your doctors?

Answer-Dogs must be on a leash and their collar/harness must fit snuggly around the neck/body so they are not able to “back out” of the collar/harness. Cats must be in a cat carrier.

Question– Will my pet be muzzled?

Answer– For the safety of your pet and our staff, pets who behave aggressively may be muzzled. If we find it unsafe to treat the pet, we may refuse service.

Question– Is there an age limit to vaccinate my pet?

Answer-Pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to begin vaccines. We do not vaccinate pets over 13 years old. However, we may be able to offer a Rabies Waiver. Please contact our corporate office prior to your visit to find out more about the waiver.

Question– Can my pet be vaccinated if she is pregnant?

Answer-No. Vaccinating a pet while she is pregnant may cause adverse effects to the health of the pet as well as the unborn puppies/kittens.

Question– Do you offer a 3-year Rabies vaccine?

Answer– Yes! However, if you plan to request the 3-year Rabies vaccine please bring proof that your pet is current on their rabies vaccine. If there is a lapse of 30 days or more, we must administer a 1-year vaccine.

Question– Do I have to buy a tag/license from you?

Answer-Rabies tags are required in most counties typically within 30 days of vaccination. For your convenience, The Pet Stop is able to offer tags for several counties.  If you reside in a county that The Pet Stop does not issue tags for, you must follow up with your local animal services office. The Pet Stop is not responsible for any fines or citations resulting from declining a tag at your visit and/ or neglecting to follow up with your county animal services office. Please note: our vaccine packages DO NOT include a county tag.

Question– Can I return medication to you after I have purchased it at a clinic or online?

Answer-By law we can’t take back, refund or switch out any medication that you have purchased, even if the box is unopened.

Noteworthy Considerations

We reserve the right to refuse services if it is determined your pet is not healthy enough for vaccines. We may also refuse service if our staff is being treated in a negative manner.

We reserve the right to stop check-in 10 minutes prior to the end time of the clinic you are attending to ensure we give each pet in our care the time and attention they deserve. If you arrive after the 10-minute window we will ensure you are first to be seen at the next location.