At Home Euthanasia

The Pet Stop offers end-of-life care services for your pet in Dade and Broward Counties in South Florida. We provide in-home euthanasia under the care of an experienced, compassionate veterinarian.

Our in-home pet euthanasia services include:

  • A discussion about your concerns or questions surrounding in-home euthanasia.

  • Sedation to ease comfort. This injection of pain medication and sedatives will allow your pet to drift off to a peaceful sleep before the final injection is administered.

  • Once the pet is under anesthesia, the veterinarian will proceed with the euthanasia injection, which is almost immediate and painless.

  • After the appointment, you can either keep the pet at home, handling the aftercare yourself, or we can take the pet for a group cremation or, if you want to keep the ashes, a private cremation.

Please allow 24-48 hours for team member to contact you. Click here for FAQ