Maxi/Guard Oral Cleansing Wipes for Dogs and Cats 100 count


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Product Description

MAXI/GUARD ORAL CLEANSING WIPES combine a professional neutralized zinc formulation with an easy to use & pet acceptable oral wipe. These textured wipes provide a gentle mechanical cleansing of plaque and odor causing bacteria. The embedded taste-free solution naturally freshens the breath & safety cleanses the oral cavity for both dogs & cats. BENEFITS: Eliminates Halitosis Reduces Plaque & Tartar Formulations Extends Time between Dental Cleanings Taste Free Formulations Appealing to All Pets Large Wipe Allows for Every Application Compare with Ora-Clens Dental Wipes. These veterinay-strength dental wipes includs 5+ active ingredints for figting plaque and calculus while freshening breath.